Friday, August 19, 2016


About Mimo

Ters(tears) were rasceing(racing) down my face because my mum woke me up because my cat cooed(called) Mimo ran away for to in a half days. I said to my naba(neighbour)“He was black and he had a red cola(collar) and a white patch on his Neck and he had Yellow Eyes and sharpes and pointy teeth.”to see if he had seen him. As we went out my dad saw  the end of my Mimo tale so my mum jumped out of the car and ran and picked up  Mimo  and we took cold mimo to the vet. The vet said “That his blata(bladder) was
boked(blocked) so he couldnot wee or pee  so my dad dsied to put Mimo down. So we did we got a new cat coed missjff(Mischief).     

Next time I cloud tall a bit moer detail about mischief.
I'm proud of my witting because it cam from my hart.

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  1. I could tell that this writing came from your heart Blair.
    You used lots of great detail and I loved the start of your story even though it was very sad.
    I had to make the decision to put my cat Gizmo to sleep 2 weeks ago as well.
    I am glad you have got a new cat to love.